An All-Italian Success Story: E-motion

24 Aug 2022    |    4 min read


E-Motion is a moped sharing service based in Cosenza.
2hire provides e-Motion its End to End sharing product plus the connectivity needed to integrate their vehicles.
Nowadays, they can count on a fleet of 20+ mopeds Supersoco CUx, but they intend to extend their fleet with more vehicles from Supersoco and NIU.

Let’s linger on their history for a sec 💭

After a speedy onboarding, E-motion launched its sharing service during the pandemic.
Despite the tricky historical period and the problems due to covid-19, thanks to the presence of the UniCal University, and the dynamic and mobility-oriented context of Cosenza, E-motion achieved excellent results.

Currently, E-motion exceeds 4.8k registered users who rode for about 38k trips. But now let’s move on to the innovators of urban mobility in Cosenza:

Massimiliano and Valerio Sabato.

The Interview

Let's start from the beginning 🔙

Present yourselves, and tell us something more about your life and your educational background.

Massimiliano: I studied law in parallel with my work as a basketball coach. A completely different background from the one I am now involved in, I must say. I have always been fascinated by new mobility and innovation, so I decided to try my hand at mobility with my brother Valerio.

Valerio: I studied mechanical engineering, and like Massimiliano in parallel I also worked in a basketball team. During my studies I fell in love with the world of motors and recent developments in electric mobility, and now here we are!

The sharing world 🌏

Why did you decide to launch a sharing service?

Massimiliano: Although Cosenza is a small city, I was keen to solve the problem of traffic jams, gridlocks and lack of public transport. From there, the e-Motion service was born.

Valerio: My goal in launching a sharing service was to cut down on pollution as much as possible. If thousands of citizens start approaching new forms of electric mobility, they can make a real difference from an environmental point of view. Especially in the tragic climate situation we are currently in!

Did you have any idea where you were putting yourself through?

No. In a sense, we underestimate the effort of taking care of a sharing service. It has really changed our lifestyle, especially in terms of service hours. Just to give an example: having a 24/7 service means having to deal with requests and operations until late at night… every day!

Due to the lack of public transport in Cosenza, our rush hour is from 23.30 to 05.00 in the morning. This means waking up in the middle of the night to respond to customers’ requests, not one of the easiest managements without a doubt!

In a period where the kick-scooters are on the cutting edge, why using mopeds?

Mainly because of the lay of the land. Cosenza is located in a hilly area and kick scooters would not have been the most suitable and convenient option.

Our goal is to connect the suburbs and the university with the city centre. This means rides of about 5/10 km with many ups and downs, mopeds are perfect for this!

E-motion Mopeds - Model Supersoco CUX

2hire time 🚀

Why 2hire? How did you find us and why did you choose us?

We started thinking about an innovative mobility service in 2019. Over time we contacted numerous providers and changed our project several times, without ever finding the right solution for us. Something that offered the right blend and balance of flexibility and efficiency. Until we stumbled upon 2hire….

2hire, in the person of COO and co-founder Elisabetta, was always willing to discuss, suggest and follow our path. Another point in Elisabetta’s favor is that she never put any pressure on us. And when we chose Supersoco as our vehicles’ supplier, they suggested 2hire as the right technology provider.

It was almost an ideal scenario for us! 

Oh, last but not least: the product is excellent! ⭐️

Spoiler alert ⚠️

What will be your next steps? Don't worry, we won't tell anybody.

We have three main objectives:

  To expand our fleet.

With the addition of new vehicles and the expansion of our fleet, we will be able to ensure adequate density to broaden our operational area to more suburban areas.

Finally, we are considering opening new branches, perhaps with a franchise business model. As a side project, we are starting to think about expanding our service with e-bikes!

So…watch out!!

Some stories ✏️

What’s the most bizarre thing that has happened to you since the launch of your service?

Massimiliano: One evening out of many, the phone rings at 11.30pm.
I pick it up and a voice says: “Hello, I left my vehicle under my house this afternoon with 38% remaining battery. No one took it and now the battery level is 100%. How is this possible?”.

This is just one of the odd questions asked by our customers. There is a lot of cluelessness about electric micromobility, people still don’t really know the dynamics, let alone the benefits. Only a few people know that the battery of a moped can be charged directly from a socket!

What is instead the nicest thing that has happened to you since the launch of the service?

Valerio: We were running operations in Rende, in the University area. A group of students came up to us and said lovely words: ‘Thank you for your work. Since the university area is connected with a mobility service, everything is easier and more pleasant for us students’.

It was very touching.

There are about 5,000 students in Rende and after 11.30 p.m. public transport stops, getting around is almost impossible. E-motion is the only way for them to get to the city comfortably and quickly and have fun without stressing about how to commute!

This is our goal: to create a new mobility for our city 🛵💨

E-motion service in Cosenza

The most awaited question 📸

How do you manage to have such an attractive Instagram page? Spill the beans!

Sorry… attorney-client privilege!

Ahahahah, no, all jokes aside. We have hired a Social Media Manager to manage our Instagram page. She is completely autonomous, very creative and so far she is doing a fantastic job! Maybe our profile is so beautiful just because of the autonomy she has in handling it!!!

The uncomfortable question 🙉

If you could go back, would you still launch a sharing service?

YES! If it were possible, with fewer mistakes along the way, of course.
It has been, and still is, a long journey but we are satisfied with our work and the achievements of E-motion.

What makes the difference for us is taking note of the mistakes and using them as we go along to improve.

The second uncomfortable question ❌

Between you and us: what is it like working with your brother?

Massimiliano: Well, overall I’m happy with it. It’s a unique experience! Valerio only has one problem… He can’t wake up early in the morning, it’s stronger than him!

Valerio: Okay, that’s true…. But I stay up later in the evening than you! Ahahah
Joking apart, I must admit that we work very well together. We don’t really argue, as we always work closely together, we figured out how to solve problems as a real team.

Massimiliano: I agree. If I could go back I would not change partners. I would still choose to work with my brother!

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