2hire and e-DOG collaborate for the newest moped sharing in Bordeaux


2hire and e-DOG collaborate for the launch of the ultimate high-tech moped sharing service in Bordeaux, France

Rome, Italy, 6 December 2022.

2hire, leading technology company in digital mobility solutions, provides the French sharing operator e-DOG with its End-to-End solution to manage its moped sharing service in a smooth, streamlined and high-tech way.

For 2hire, working with such a tech-driven operator is an excellent opportunity to exploit its technology to the utmost potential.

The launch of the free-floating service in Bordeaux is the start of a path that sees on the one hand an optimized and digitized management of the French sharing, and on the other hand the provision of a complete technological solution, allowing e-DOG to have full control of the fleet in a seamless and straightforward way.

Elisabetta Mari, COO & co-founder at 2hire

I am thrilled that 2hire is the technology provider of the e-DOG sharing service.

I believe that our collaboration with these first 100 mopeds is only the beginning of a fast-growing journey. The goal is to make urban mobility accessible, easy, and immediate for all users.

Can’t wait to see how this project will evolve further on! ”

Jean David Mora, CEO & co-founder at e-DOG

We are incredibly thankful for all the cooperation and the work done with 2hire as our digital technology provider and we wish to carry on in the future with them in order to provide the best user design and experience application to all our customers.

Our vision is to provide urban mobility accessible, easy, and immediate for all users and 2hire digital solution is a key partner to achieve it. ”


Something more about 2hire

2hire enables mobility operators and service providers to harness the built-in technology of connected vehicles, digitize the user experience, and provide the newest value-added services around.
Adapter is 2hire standardized API layer that makes it all possible. Adapter is the ultimate layer to communicate with all vehicles and build digital services around them.
Since 2017, 2hire has connected more than 15k vehicles in 16 countries worldwide. 2hire collaborates with leading vehicle manufacturers and mobility operators to exploit the full potential of connected vehicles and bring up innovative services around vehicles’ connectivity.


Something more about e-DOG

We are 100% Bordeaux: e-DOG is a company born in Bordeaux from the desire to offer a tailor-made and local service. Our service is 100% local and we are proud of it.

Ethics: e-DOG belongs to its employees who make daily decisions and put people back at the center and at the heart of our business concerns.

Environmentally friendly: e-DOG is committed to working with short supply chains in partnership with circular economy players and using materials and ecological products that respect people and their environment.

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