P2P car sharing companies help hosts to cover their lease

30 Mar 2023    |    2 min read

Peer to peer car sharing is growing in popularity! It provides several benefits to the hosts. Not by chance pre-packed peer to peer platforms allow hosts to easily manage a greater amount of vehicles, leveraging keyless solutions. Moreover, P2P car sharing  companies provide valuable visibility to their hosts, facilitating customers’ reach-out process. Surely the platform has a cost, which corresponds to a percentage (a fee ranging from 30 to 40%) of each host’s earnings.

Trevor B. is a great example of how a peer to peer platform can help you become an entrepreneur. He benefits from Getaround, one of the key players in the P2P car sharing market.

Trevor began with a single vehicle, a Nissan Versa, that provided him with some much-needed passive income at a critical time. By sharing it, Trevor was able to completely cover charges of the Versa and started getting extra income with it. 

Then he listed two more cars on Getaround: a highly fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle and a Jeep Cherokee. Thanks to the bookings he received, all his vehicles were paid off within a short period. So any bookings that cars received were 100% profits for him.

“When I’m not using them, they’re paying for themselves and then some!”

Trevor is valuable proof of how people can become entrepreneurs through the usage of an intuitive peer to peer platform.

Thanks to this platform hosts can cover the entire leasing cost of their vehicles and sometimes make profits from extras.

Shall we prove this? Let’s do a brief calculation

P2P car sharing companies
Pic credits by Turo

The average price to lease a city car as Toyota Corolla is about € 300 per month, while the minimum daily pricing for renting a city car is about €30.

Numbers speak: you must rent a car for about 10 days to cover the monthly lease payment! This will be possible when peer to peer car sharing companies are spread evenly in all countries, making the car sharing process easier for the hosts.

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