Peer-to-peer car-sharing - More than benefits to its hosts

28 Mar 2023    |    2 min read

Peer-to-peer car-sharing is a growing automotive trend that is catching on year after year. Its success is due to the several benefits it brings to both hosts and guests.

The best advantage on the host side lies in the possibility of making it a real business opportunity, ensuring potentially growing economic revenues.

This and other benefits have resulted in more and more people deciding to start their own business as a peer-to-peer host from scratch, such as Kristen.

Peer-to-peer car-sharing
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Kristen’s Case

Kristen H.: from top customer service agents at the post office to power host with 9 cars and more than 800 trips on Turo’s platform.

Kristen is just one of the numerous people who decide to turn her life upside down, leaving a full-time job and starting a business on her own through Turo, one of the best peer-to-peer platforms.

“I felt like I was missing their childhood,” she said. When the pandemic hit, childcare was hard to come by. She already had four cars, so she decided to try hosting on a peer-to-peer platform. Four months in, she quit her job at the post office to host on Turo full-time.

“ […] I always wanted to be an example of what would happen if you do Turo at the highest level.”

Kristen is a great example of how being a peer-to-peer host allows people to create a lateral or core business from scratch not requiring basic wealth.

Summing up

Peer-to-peer car-sharing offers numerous benefits for both hosts and guests, ranging from economic revenue to convenience and affordability. Kristen’s success story highlights how the platform can provide a unique opportunity for individuals to start a business from scratch and achieve financial independence: “Power Hosting” becomes easier with a solid platform that supports managing fleets and gives greater visibility to referring hosts. 

So, as long as there’ll be demand, peer-to-peer car-sharing will be an ever-expanding market. Just take a glance at the last predictions made by Prescient & Strategic Intelligence: the peer-to-peer car-sharing market is projected to reach $7,225.2 million in 2030, with a growth rate of 17.6% during 2022–2030.

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