Connected Services - A flying leap

17 Apr 2023    |  2 min read

The term “connected services” refers to services delivered by a technologically-powered mechanism that features entertainment, communication, navigation, and maintenance.

There are several types of connected services according to their functionalities, such as the on-demand e-charging to charge your electric car wherever you are. Or the so-called “On-demand Car-wash” service that allows you to have your car washed, where it is parked, without the need to drive extra miles to get to the car wash.

On-demand car wash and on-demand e-charging are just some of the services around cars available to date.

OEMs are embracing connected services

Some of the more ahead-of-the-curve OEMs have already integrated connected services to their cars.

Car makers are catching on to the power of this type of services implemented to connected cars and for this reason, they’ve embraced  them to their fleets.

Starting from Stellantis, which provides this kind of services through innovative technologies, and some car makers have embraced this opportunity, improving the user’s driving experience. Brands that benefit from technologies made available by Stellantis are Jeep, Alfa Romeo, and Fiat.

Focusing on one of the several functionalities, “My Alert” is about prevention and support. With “Anti-theft Notification”, the driver will receive a notification if the vehicle detects a suspected theft attempt, such as unauthorized towing. This includes moving the vehicle or break-in attempts if the anti-theft alarm is present.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance: this service provides assistance in case of theft. The user can call the contact center for assistance directly by pressing the “Call” button on the mobile app, and once the theft is confirmed with a report to authorities, security features, including vehicle tracking, will be activated.

Another key player in the automotive industry, Lamborghini, decided to incorporate connected services in some of its vehicles.

Among the various features available from them, Lamborghini provides: 

  • Real-Time Traffic Information, 
  • Board Diaries, a service that saves information related to a single trip and/or a travel period in the Lamborghini Backend. The service saves information related to a single trip and/or a travel period in the Lamborghini BackenThe Owner and User can see the information about average speed, mileage, average consumption, etc. on the Unica App ( the exclusive application reserved for Lamborghini customers).
  • Amazon Alexa, 
  • Vehicle status Report, 
  • Car finder.
Connected services

Connected services - what’s unfailing

The many functionalities of connected services could greatly help the drivers who use them, finding their lives simplified. Nevertheless, the main roadblock to exploiting this type of services remains driving a connected car

To ensure a 360-degree driving experience, connectivity has become increasingly crucial!

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