Connected Services - An Operator Perspective

05 May 2023    |   3 min read

Connected services around cars are digital services provided to owners and users of connected cars.

These services include fuel depletion alerts, vehicle status monitoring, on-demand car care services, vehicle usage information and much more.

Although the automotive market is moving towards offering services around connected cars to improve the user experience, there are still few players in the connected services market. This means that there is a need for more awareness about these services and how they benefit the end-user. However, there is also a large opportunity for growth in a market that is only recently developing.

In order to consolidate its presence in the market for services around connected cars, an operator has to take into account some key drivers for the evolution of its service:

connected services

1️⃣ Different languages for each car

One of the main pain points for an operator is the integration with the API languages of the different carmakers. Each car manufacturer uses its own communication protocol between the car and the external system, which means that each language must be individually integrated into the service provided by the operator. Moreover, each carmaker presents specific behaviors that have to be taken into account if a service provider wants to ensure users a uniform experience across all available models.This requires considerable time and resources which, if spent on integration, would inevitably be lost in the management and operational growth of the service itself.

2️⃣ User base and User friendly application

The growth of the user base of the operator service is a crucial aspect of the on-demand services market. Since these services are relatively new, it takes a lot of effort to develop an appropriate user-experience.

To increase user numbers, it is necessary to broaden the user base of one’s applications, create awareness about the service proposed, and generate trust in the benefits it brings. Therefore, the applications of on-demand service operators must be extremely intuitive and user-friendly to foster a pleasant and effective user experience. This requires time investment and expertise to develop innovative applications that will entice connected car owners to use them.

3️⃣ Optimizing operations

To optimize operations, each operator providing on-demand services for connected cars must focus on its core business, which is to provide its service. Operators cannot be expected to deal with the integration of various carmaker API languages at the same time as providing on-demand EV charging or on-demand car care services.The integration of each language requires the deployment of technical resources and time, which are not easily enough to cover each of these aspects. Therefore,  operators must rely on specialized third parties to integrate the various car models into their service quickly and cost-effectively.

In such an early days market, being an operator providing on-demand services for connected cars requires careful and targeted management of development activities, operations and the proposal of a quality user experience. This helps the operator to focus all energies on the best service it can provide by accessing smooth integration with all carmakers through third party technology enablers.

Connected services
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