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08 May 2023    |    2 min read

Car care - What’s about?

The original definition of car care is “keeping a car in good working order”. To date, this maintenance work obviously falls on the car owner, who often helps itself by going to specific car washing places.

Classic car washes involve that you usually have to wait for your turn (making a line often) and have to move specifically to get to the car wash. On-demand car wash solves all these little, but annoying issues right away.

The on-demand car wash allows the user to book a wash for his car, not at a designated physical location, but rather at the place where the car is located and whenever the user wants.

Classic car wash vs On-demand car wash

The main difference between these two alternatives of car wash concerns convenience and time-saving. 

An on-demand car wash offers a variety of benefits over a classic car wash, offering drivers a more streamlined experience.

Nowadays there are several players worldwide in the on-demand car washing industry. To give you a better understanding of how this new type of car wash works, let’s talk about one of them: Wash Out, car, and motorcycle washing at “home”.

Enjoy a next-generation car washing experience with Washout following a few smooth and stress-free steps to follow: 

  1. Log into the app
  2. Indicate your vehicle’s location
  3. Configure your vehicle, indicating make, model, color, and license plate
  4. Select one or more services (such as internal/external washing and/or other premium services)
  5. Schedule and pay for your booking easily 
  6. At  the prearranged day and time, a team of experts will reach the car and proceed with the cleaning
on-demand car wash
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Benefits provided by on-demand car wash

The advantages are clear: the user doesn’t have to move from where it is just to wash its car as the physical presence of the user is not required. 

In the everyday busy life of a person, a car owner has to make several trips between home, work, and school, and carving out a moment to wash the car is not always so easy. 

On-demand car wash allows connected car owners to optimize this time and book a car wash in a few clicks to save time and not have to deal with over-planning the daily schedule anymore.

The result is a huge time saving but also greater convenience. The driver will avoid waiting for its turn by standing in line as in classic car washes because the service delivery has already been conveniently scheduled via the app.

Another key benefit is the number of liters of water saved: as many as 160, the average for each individual wash. Indeed, cleaning is done dry, with specific products that prevent scratches. Those used by Wash Out for car washing are environmentally friendly products that do not require outside water to be used: “Our goal is to provide a service with full respect for sustainability”. The washing is waterless, the products are environmentally friendly, and do not require external water to be used. In fact, they are detergents that vaporize upon use and lift dirt causing it to come off the surface of the vehicle.

On-demand car wash - Enhancing your connected car experience

The on-demand car wash falls among those connected services making the driver’s life easier and stress-free. 

Compared to a classic car wash, an on-demand car wash turns out to be much smoother, saves the user much more time, and it’s more sustainable. 

Access such a modern boundary-pushing service and having a connected car makes all the difference! For example, if you want to wash your car inside and do not have a connected car, you will need to be physically present during the car wash to allow inside access to your car. Conversely, if you have a connected car, you can grant access to the operator wherever you are via your smartphone.

Enjoy the latest car experiences on demand with a connected car!

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