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10 May 2023    |    2 min read

On-demand E-charging - What’s about?

E-charging is the process of using electric vehicle charging equipment to deliver electricity to the car’s battery. The term on-demand refers to the mode used for recharging the electric vehicle. In this case, it is the company that provides electric charging that goes directly to the user to recharge its car.

In this way, the service makes up for the lack of charging infrastructures, which, in the world of electric cars, has become a major issue.

Among the companies that have identified this need, Reefilla is one of them, a Turin-based startup that provides the alternative service of “charging delivery”.

Reefilla - E-charging wherever you are

Reefilla is a young innovative startup that has accurately identified the major problems concerning e-vehicle charging.

Both in terms of the lack of electric columns and in terms of charging time. The charging times range from 5 to 12 hours using normal power charging stations. Through Reefilla your e-vehicle will be charged in less than 30 minutes, with enough energy to travel 120 kilometers.

For these reasons, Reefilla provides a service that predicts when the vehicle is about to run out of charge and intervenes without even being asked. 

Reefilla works through a cloud platform and app. The users are constantly monitored so that they never risk being idle, and when it’s about to happen comes Fillee. Fillee is Reefilla’s connected devices used to recharge e-vehicles, similar in function to a power bank.

The process that makes on-demand recharging possible is very simple. An accumulator mounted on a trolley loaded on electric vans that reach those who need energy is connected to the car, the platform recognizes it, and charging starts. 

This on-demand service allows owners of connected cars to simply order their recharge without any stress. In fact, those who own a connected car can grant the Reefilla team digital access to the vehicle to recharge it, without having to deal with it further.

Services such as Reefilla are very useful in that they make up for the lack of electricity columns. In addition, the on-demand e-charging is an added benefit for connected car owners, making their lives easier.

On-demand E-charging
Pic credits by Granstudio

How to access the service?

Reefilla provides a revolutionary service for the electric automotive landscape that could really make a difference. 

Moreover, it is a modern, innovative service that exploits the potential of technology. It is obviously a service made for connected vehicles: the process of requesting the service is automatic, and to make it happen you need to log into the app and connect it to your car, which should be a connected car.

So, users who have an electric-connected vehicle can take advantage of this new on-demand service.

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