On-demand e-charging: E-GAP solution

15 May 2023    |    2 min read

E-mobility represents a sustainable opportunity, but one of the biggest obstacles to the spread of electric cars is the deficiency of e-charging infrastructures. This shortage combined with the charging necessity of electric vehicles, causes people to approach e-mobility with caution.

Not by chance, one of the greatest fears of drivers is that the vehicle could remain without electric charging. The solution to this problem lies in on-demand e-charging: a smart and innovative way to charge an electric vehicle. No need to be alarmed because you don’t have to look for a solution to recharge your electric vehicle. On the contrary, it is the charging that comes to you!

On-demand e-charging is fast charger-level charging performed generally via zero-emission e-vans. The recharging service allows users to recharge users vehicles wherever they’re located.

E-Gap - fast e-charging and on-demand on the go

E-Gap is a great example of on-demand fast e-charging service. Through the E-GAP smartphone app, you can book a “fast charge” at home with a zero-emission e-van. 

In order to receive a premium on-demand charging service provided by E-gap, you have to own a connected vehicle and follow just a few steps. Simply download a dedicated application on your cell phone and book the recharge, indicating the location of the vehicle and the time you prefer. Once the e-van has reached the vehicle, an operator dispenses the recharge and you are ready to go again.

In this way, two major hurdles are solved: 

  • the shortage of electric columns
  • the fear of running out of recharge 
on-demand e-charging
Pic credits by E-Gap

Greater commitment to environmental sustainability and a lack of infrastructure for charging electric vehicles are just some of the needs that e-charging meets. 

Starting with sustainability: owning an electric vehicle (instead of the classic ones) today has a significant environmental impact. Only think about that in over a year, just one electric vehicle on the roads can save an average 1.5 million grams of CO2.

When it comes to electric columns, an increase is needed, but presently electric on-demand e-charging is a valuable alternative. However, the use of this alternative charging mode implies that the electric car must be connected to take advantage of this service. 

Once again the importance of having a connected vehicle comes out so that the user can take advantage of all the services available for this type of vehicle. In this specific case: being able to recharge a vehicle without the need to look for an electric charging station.

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