2hire at IAA Mobility 2023: What we bring home from one of the most important automotive events

27 Sep 2023    |    3 min read

After 2 years from the last edition, we finally hit the ground of IAA Mobility again! 

On September 5-8 the 2hire team exhibited at one of the most immersive automotive events worldwide held in Munich, Germany. 🇩🇪✈️

IAA Mobility

We exhibited within the Smart City Area, managed by the German Smart City Association, which has bundled several startups in the mobility field to create an all-round innovation area. 

Thanks to the Smart City Association for the great set-up, the constant support, and the very good Italian coffees on hand. You helped us to fully concentrate on the event and make our experience at IAA even more valuable!

The event unveiled a multitude of exciting trends, from electric vehicles and services around them taking center stage, to connectivity of cars bringing much light as one of the key solutions to seamlessly integrate smart technology into vehicles, creating a more personalized, convenient, and innovative experience for end users.

Digital and on-demand at the center! 🔓🛜

We took the opportunity of the IAA Mobility showcase to publicly share the recent partnership we launched with Fiat, Jeep, Alfa Romeo and Abarth concerning on-demand services for connected car owners. The ecosystem of services available is launching with the first four operators: on-demand e-charging with E-GAP and Reefilla, on-demand car care with WashOut, and in-car delivery with Poste Italiane!

Was nice to have a chat with Mobilisights, Data Business Unit of Stellantis Group, and E-GAP, energy delivery company, a pleasant moment to exchange feedback on the recent partnership and consolidate the working relationship carried on over the years.

Learn more about the partnership at: www.2hire.io/connected-services

IAA Mobility

From car ownership to flexible mobility 🚘🤝

There has been extensive talk about the increasingly popular alternatives to car ownership such as renting, leasing, car subscription, and sharing, and how technology can help make these services even more seamless and convenient. The exchange of insights involved some top mind professionals in the automotive and mobility sectors. We did enjoy our chat with Enterprise, exchanging visions on the most recent developments of telematics and connected solutions for fleets, digitisation of the rental process, and connectivity as a turning point for the exploitment of cars to the fullest.

IAA Mobility

Rental Digitisation on the table

We pointed out several times the importance of digital management for rental companies (and not only rentals!). Bosch held a compelling session stressing the importance of digitisation of fleets.The aim is to provide a transparent, immediate, and innovative rental experience for end users and a smoother and seamless system management for operators. That’s exactly what we also believe in and where technology can make a difference! 💪🏼

IAA Mobility

Software at the heart of the stage 👩🏽‍💻📍

During the panel “From Hardware to Software: an Industry in Transition”, with speakers from Microsoft, ZF Group and other leading automotive experts, it emerged that by 2025, up to 40% of cars are expected to have new architectures and will be software defined. The panelists all agreed on identifying collaboration between players in the industry as the key enabler to make SW defined vehicles happen.

Users now expect their vehicles to offer features similar to those found in smartphones and other consumer electronics, so software-based models and connectivity are becoming pivotal for the modern automotive experience.

IAA Mobility
IAA at a glance

IAA Mobility confirms itself again this year as one of the automotive & mobility events par excellence, fully targeting our market goals. It provided our team with an exceptional opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge solutions around vehicles’ connectivity while talking to OEMs, Tier-1, and mobility experts from all over the world.

We cannot help but thank everyone who dropped by the stand, including Mercedes-Benz, with whom we defined the next core steps of the 2hire <> Mercedes collaboration around fleet connectivity; Drivetlv, leading innovation hub based in Tel Aviv, with which we delved into the international smart mobility market; the Tronity team for a great chat on the latest updates on car data and APIs.

IAA Mobility

It’s clear that the future of mobility is being shaped by technology around vehicles, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this thrilling journey!

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