The ultimate Car Sharing technology

You provide the vehicles, we provide the technology.

Start your own Car Sharing. The simplest solution ever.

End to end sharing mobility is now easy. 2hire car sharing technology allows you to build your own Car Sharing with your existing fleet.
Plug the board yourself in just 15 seconds and
let your customers book, unlock and lock the vehicle by app.

It sounds easy, isn’t it?

Last generation Technology

2hire OBD-II dongle is the ultimate technology
you can find on the market.

No technical installation and work is required. Install it yourself.

And when you need to replace old vehicles?
Just switch the board to the new vehicle. The board will automatically download vehicle’s features and code.

Just plug and play it.

Data analytics made easy.

2hire solution includes a management dashboard as well.
The lean graphic allows you to understand in the simplest way ever analytics and KPI to grow your business.

Get large amounts of data about rides time, rides coverage, fuel consumption and many more parameters.
Start performing preventive maintenance on your vehicles thanks to real-time data directly from them.

A simple process for your users

They would need to

Download the app & sign up
ID, driving license,
method of payment etc.

Look on the map
To find the closest vehicle
and book it by app

Get to the vehicle
and unlock it by app.
Time to ride!

Free cities from traffic.

Write us to get a free custom quote. Include number and type of vehicles and your country.

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