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Join our development team and work in strict relation with our clients based in Spain and France to develop, improve, and maintain our management dashboard.

What you should have, besides the generic requirements on hiring*:

  • Proven experience in javascript, HTML5, CSS3
  • Knowledge of typescript, Angular, AngularJS (or React)
  • Experience in consuming REST APIs trough web application


Report directly to our CTO while developing and improving the core of everything we do.

What you should have, besides the generic requirements on hiring*:

  • Proven experience in nodeJS, TypeScript
  • Knowledge of SQL, Docker, Git
  • Experience with REST APIs and microservices

Should you have a repository GitHub, feel free to share it with us! We’ll be more than happy to take a look at it.


Take care of the development of 2hire board. Both its customizations, meant for our clients, and the design and prototyping of the board 2.0, to be released within 2018.

We know what it means to deal with HW.
So, first requirement is: no fear of getting your hands dirty.
You should also know about digital circuits, less than 2MHz signal transmission, a bit of power electronics and battery management, and have some insights about production issues.

Then take also a look at the generic requirements on hiring*.

If you design PCBs for fun, you should totally come and speak with us.


At 2hire we love spending time with vehicles. We face different vehicles’ models everyday. If you like cars and you enjoy having more problems than solutions, call us.

Generally speaking, you should also know something about how cars work, some reverse engineering and firmware development.

*Generic requirements on hiring

All open positions are intended full time and on site.

A degree (bachelor/master) is certainly a plus.

Good knowledge of the English language – both written and spoken

Exceptions will be made for extraordinary kids.

To apply for one or more jobs, write to