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Register your connected car through our partners’ application. Follow the steps By following the above steps, you will be able to register your connected car in the partner application and jump onboard of the coolest services around your car! You just need to:

1 – Download the app of the service you are interested in, follow the steps that will pop up and register in the service provider app
2 – Connect your car by clicking on the related button
3 – Select your car model from the list
4 – Login with your FCA credentials
5 – Authorize the service provider to communicate with your FCA account and enable interactions on your vehicle…. all done!
    Don’t worry, you’ll be able at any time to revoke the access to the service provider through your FCA account.

Connected services allow you to receive the service without you having to be present at your vehicle at the moment of service. The assigned operator will be able to reach your car directly where it is parked and wash it, recharge it, or deliver a package inside of it (depending on the service and the partner) fully autonomously. The operator will in fact be equipped with an app to locate your car and open it safely to provide the service. Access to the car is granted only to the designated operator and is limited to the time window of service delivery.

Services will initially be available for Fiat, Abarth, Jeep, and Alfa Romeo models produced from 2020 onward. Visit the 2hire connected services website to find out if the services are available for your model.

2hire x Stellantis connected services initially available are on-demand car wash, on-demand electric charging, and In-car delivery. To discover the available services and partners, visit the 2hire x Stellantis website.

Access to your car is carried out in full safety. All operators follow a shared security protocol and have exclusive access to your car. Access is encrypted, limited to the service delivery time and defined by you at the time of the booking. At the end of the service, the operator will ensure that your car has been properly locked. You can monitor the successful completion of the service at any time, and you will receive notifications updating you on the status of the delivery.


At any time, feel free to contact your chosen service provider directly via app or website, ready to provide the support you need.


Via Mantova 52, 00198 Rome, IT


Via Mantova 52, 00198 Rome, IT

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