Bringing End-To-End Car Sharing

Start your own car or scooter sharing. Connect your vehicles in just 15 seconds.

Your floating free solution

Connect the vehicles of your fleet with 2Hire and start your own Car Sharing.
You provide the vehicles, we provide the technology.

End-to-End Sharing mobility. Easier than ever.

Starting a Car or Scooter sharing service is now easy. With 2hire technology, in just 15 seconds you can plug our device into your vehicles and connect them immediately.

Our device allows your clients to unlock and lock the vehicles with a single tap by app.

Our bundle includes devices, a white label app customized for your service, and a management dashboard to manage the whole fleet and/or the single vehicles. 

Start your floating free car sharing

No need to modify the vehicles of your fleet.
No skilled work is required to plug in the device, do it yourself, it takes just a few minutes

Users would need to:

Download the app and register:
ID, driving license, method of payment etc.

Look on the map
to find the closest vehicle
and reserve it by app

Get to the vehicle
and unlock doors by app

The advantages you get

MGMT dashboard

Use the management dashboard
to constantly monitor what’s going on.

Switch between the monitoring of the whole fleet and of a single vehicle.

Preventive maintenance

Use real time data flowing from
the OBD-II port and

don’t waste a single day because
of mechanic issues.

Boost efficiency

Manage efficiently
your End-to-End Car Sharing
with tons of data in your hands!

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