5 Steps to Launch a Sharing Service

18 Jan 2022    |    5 min read

Shared mobility is considered an emblem of a shared economy, linked both with sustainable travel behavior and sustainable urban infrastructure from the social, economic, and environmental perspectives.”

As of mid-2021, Europe’s shared mobility industry is breaking new ground. After months of movement restrictions, pandemic lockdowns, and long winter, the number of monthly trips has comfortably surpassed their 2020 levels.
With advancements in tech, more people are abandoning the vehicle ownership craze in favor of sharing services. The suite of opportunities revolving around sharing businesses is huge, some examples are:

In this article, you’ll learn five practical steps on how to launch a sharing service within the shortest time.


Step 1: Research on the Best Sharing Software Providers

Scaling the sharing industry can be a frustrating experience without the right tools. You need a reliable platform through which to manage your sharing business. The good news is that there are tech providers that can help you manage your fleet through trustworthy software applications. At 2hire, we work everyday to make a difference in a unique way, and that’s what sets us apart from the rest.

Wunder Mobility

Wunder mobility launched its service as a vehicle-sharing software provider in 2013. The platform has over 50k active vehicles at the moment. It also has active users in more than 900 cities. Wunder had close to 22 million shared rides by the year 2020. 


Atom is a Latvian technology provider, they are one of the latest operators who entered the market, but with satisfactory results.

Their sharing platform empowers entrepreneurs intending to expand the vehicle sharing service provision. Entrepreneurs keen on achieving multi-vehicle integration can trust the capacity inherent in Atom to achieve scalability.


Joyride is a leading bike-sharing management system. The successful micromobility platform launched its services in the year 2014. Joyride has managed to combine payment gateway options, IoT connectivity, and backend management operations in the few years it has been in operation. 


The easiest way to scale the sharing sector is with the provider that’s most suited to you.

2hire is among the leading technology companies in the market today. With 2hire, you can quickly scale your scooter, moped, e-bike, or car-sharing services.

2hire offers a fully featured, scalable, and multi-vehicle end-to-end sharing platform. It is suitable for both small and large fleets, for customers located in a single city, and for those who aim to offer a service in multiple locations.
By offering 360° mobility services, 2hire has the power to be a trusted partner to all other sharing providers, as one of our greatest capabilities is to connect any kind of vehicle. Therefore, using any sharing management software, 2hire can be the ideal communicative solution between the platform and the vehicles.

This ultimate sharing solution provides:

  • Technology applicable to all kinds of vehicles
  • A reliable dashboard to manage your service at 360 degrees
  • A completely customizable white-label app for the final user
  • Flexible backend for any request
  • A complete package of the integrated vehicles
  • New integrations and features are delivered periodically
  • Sharing success stories and celebrations through 2hire channels

Compared to other players in the market, we have top-rated value delivery standards. You can read more about our products and services on the 2hire website.


Step 2: Product Choice

Due diligence is mandatory when sourcing a sharing tech company for partnership. After the process of market research comes the hard part. You must now narrow down your options to one provider. Your product choice should satisfy all the prerequisites of a reliable service providerThe best software provider for your sharing venture should assure you of exemplary convenience.

A reputable software provider should bridge the best vehicle manufacturers with potential customers with minimum bottlenecks. The main objective of a reliable sharing technology is to:

  • Be competitive in the market
  • Provide effortless management of your service
  • Supply the most complete product in the shortest time possible
  • Provide an entirely tailor-made service.

Every entrepreneur focuses on the need for scalability. The best sharing solution should be one that assures you of scalability as your business grows. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you need to source another solution once the venture grows. The best software provider is one you can grow with over time. It’s essential to ask in advance the provider’s plan for scalability. 

Check out 2hire sharing website section and contact us!

When satisfied with the preliminary data, your next step is to consider a demo. 

A software demo forms a core part of any developer’s sales and marketing journey. The primary goal is to help potential users quickly understand the software’s main features. You also get to understand the benefits and usefulness of the specific product. When settling for the best sharing software provider, a demo should be at the center of your decision-making process. The demo ensures that you understand the software’s functionality before committing.


Step 3: Sharing service set up

Every great onboarding process should be collaborative.
On the one hand, the client must:

  • Expose its ideas
  • Share its attitude and the purpose of its sharing service

On the other hand, the technology provider must:

  • Guide the client
  • Satisfy its requests
  • Use their experiences to avoid mistakes that have already been seen and to make the process smoother.

The software service provider should tailor the onboarding process to suit your needs. It’s also essential to have an onboarding process that incorporates remote working. Every customer’s situation is different and unique, and the onboarding process should therefore be dynamic yet flexible enough. This helps to accommodate such realities. Training should be among the primary considerations during the service setup process, and at the end of this training phase, the client will become a sharing expert!


Step 4: Testing

The software, just like vehicles, requires a test run. You need to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the sharing app before committing. Testing should be both from an end-user point of view and an admin point of view.

  1. From an end-user perspective: the admin should test the user flow to be prepared for any doubt the user might have and give help when needed.
  2. From an operator perspective: you get the chance to ensure that the specifics of the software work according to your requirements. Additionally, you as a mobility operator must embrace the moment to acquire the right knowledge for the best management of your service.

Step 5: Implementation and Launching

Congratulations! You are about to launch one of the most promising sharing services.

It would be best if you considered making the services you offer public. Social media is an excellent place to start the process of publicizing your services, hand in hand with this, local presence makes a difference. Some old-fashioned initiatives such as leafleting, or partnerships with local businesses are important too.

It would be best to decide the combination of product offerings you want to have. The final step is to get vehicles on the streets.

By relying on your technology provider, you’ll be ready to start an adventurous journey with loads of returns!


Your Mobility Sharing Service is One Step Away

Starting a sharing service company is a rewarding adventure. Apart from the prospects of growth attributable to the gradual return to post-Covid recovery, there’s also a favorable rise in sharing trends.

The market trend is also reaching smaller towns and not only large cities. Even collateral business such as sharing on university campuses, affiliations with hotels and corporations are becoming more and more popular.

Our services are a notch above the rest. 2hire is a customer-centric company, which is rooted on:

  1. Trust
  2. Knowledge
  3. Awareness

People don’t buy things, they buy solutions to problems.
We are the solution to your problem: finding the best technology provider for your mobility service.

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