The Coolest Micromobility Vehicles in the Scene - Ep. 1

22 Feb 2022    |    4 min read

No one wants to be stuck in traffic when there are other options. The solution may be as simple as sharing. Plus, in a world of environmental and economic uncertainty, it’s no surprise that the idea of sharing and micromobility is quickly becoming more popular.

The trend of shared transportation has increased tremendously in recent years, owning to various factors, such as rapid urbanisation, increase in environmental issues, limited resources of energy, and economic concerns, which are expected to further boost the global shared mobility market over the forecast period.

Only in Italy, more than 5.5M users benefit from sharing services. In Italy, sharing started in the major cities (Milan, Rome, Florence, Turin) and is now proving to be a widely appreciated service suitable for smaller municipalities too.

In 2021 GreenMo Rent, a partner of Vaimoo, operated more than 30,000 electric sharing vehicles in seven European countries. That shows how the industry is growing fast, making a perfect investment opportunity.

With that said, e-vehicles owners and operators need to know the best sharing vehicles to buy or invest in. But with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is the best.

We are here to help, let’s give a look at some of the most astonishing micromobility vehicles in the scene!


Kickscooters 🛴

Kickscooters are a great example of micromobility vehicles to get around town without worrying about traffic. They are also perfect for short distances, so they make the ideal addition to any sharing fleet. Kicks have quickly become a popular mode of transportation in Europe. They are small, easy to use, and can be parked almost anywhere.

Kickscooters can be found in most major cities and work best for dense areas with people and traffic. And while they may not be the best option for long-distance travel, they are perfect for getting around town quickly and easily. Two of the most popular shared scooter available are:

1) OKAI ES400A

The top features of the OKAI ES400 scooter are:

The IoT in every OKAI scooter and e-bike is one of the latest, most advanced technologies to date. OKAI’s in-house engineers designed the 4th generation IoT module. That ensures worry-free rides because the vehicle will never fall out of alignment or break down. With IP67 ratings against water & dust ingress, the e-scooter will be protected from all angles.

Swappable Battery, 55 Km Range, and 55 km/h speed

The battery compartment of this device features two locking mechanisms to prevent theft and an indicator screen that shows how much power remains.
The built-in handle makes removing the batteries easy while also providing peace of mind knowing exactly where they are at all times!
The top speed of this device is 55km/h, with a range of more than 50 km. This scooter has everything that you need for fun and efficient journeys.

Solid frame
OKAI is built with an aluminium frame crafted through some of the latest production methods. These include hydro-forming, drop forging, and extrusion, to name just a few!

The OKAI ES400A, part of 2hire corporate fleet

2) Segway MAX Plus

Things that make the Segway MAX Plus scooter stand out are definitely:

Safety and Efficiency
With a wide variety of features, this scooter has everything you need. From the dual brakes and suspension systems to the easy-to-use kickstands that will keep your feet planted on any surface at all times. The high-performance design makes it a premium model on any terrain.

Easy and Effective Operations
The innovative design features an easy-to-use battery compartment cover for swappable batteries that opens at any angle and retracts automatically.

Power and Travel range
This Segway model operates at 350 watts. It is perfect for those who want a reliable, powerful scooter that they can use for commuting or pleasure riding.
The travel range is of over 50 km on a single battery charge and an additional top speed of 25 km/h.

In-built IOT
The built-in IoT integration with the dashboard allows Max Plus’s abnormal situation alarms and comprehensive data collection to handle a single, secure device. Its API protocol is such that it is one of the market leaders and the most widely used scooter among different sharing services.

Our client Elerent in Italy

Quadricycles - Estrima Birò

Quadricycles’ small size and nimble handling make them perfect for darting around town.

Estrima vehicle is the perfect solution for those who need a small, easy-to-handle vehicle for running errands around town. These vehicles are the first ones to be natively integrated with 2hire, which makes the choice of such a micromobility vehicle ideal for launching your own sharing service or to easily share with the family!

The size
Birò Big might be the smallest 100% four-wheeler in existence. But the electric vehicle has over 300 litres of space and a spacious trunk that can store up to 41 litres of luggage.

100 Km of Autonomy
With a max speed of 45 km/h and an autonomy of 100 km, the Maxi lithium is perfect for several trips around town.

Our Client Mego Mobility in the Netherlands

Fascinating Micromobiles at a Glance

There are so many different types of micromobility vehicles on the market today that it might be difficult to orient and understand which is the best choice. Whether it’s a light and versatile kick scooter or a larger quadricycle, there’s something for every kind of sharing business. 

The constant in all of this?
2hire is there, ready to be your technology partner, regardless of which vehicle you choose!

Stay tuned for Episode 2… The coolest vehicles don’t stop here!

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