The Coolest Micromobility Vehicles in the Scene - Ep. 2

18 May 2022    |    5 min read

And here we are again! While in the previous episode we illustrated the potentialities and the features of electric kick-scooters and quadricycles, today we talk about two other types of vehicles that are among the most sought-after in micromobility: mopeds and e-bikes.


Mopeds 🛵

One of the widest range of vehicles that you can use at its most for micromobility purposes is mopeds. Mopeds offer a great alternative to bigger and bulkier vehicles because they are small, compact, and easy to ride.

The best part? As for scooters, there are plenty of options available for finding the right moped for your sharing service. Some of our best-recommended models are:


The NIU NQi GT/ NQi GTS mopeds are built for high performance and speed. Some of the features that make these mopeds stand out for micromobility include:

Improved 4th Gen. NIU Energy Lithium Battery
The NQi GT / GTS is equipped with a high-performance dual lithium-ion battery system. The extended range battery pack version gets instantaneous acceleration from a standstill. Creating a whole new speed and riding experience for a city life moped.

The right choice for your sharing business
These models can be easily and immediately connected via the 2hire box. Through a quick <10 minutes installation these mopeds will turn into the perfect fit for your sharing & delivery service!

Safety and Reliability
The products are built with durable materials and state-of-the-art technology in mind for safety’s sake.

Our client On Movo using NIU NQi GT in Rome

2) Supersoco CUX / VMoto soco

The right moped for people looking for a more compact and agile micromobility solution.

Fast Charging
The Supersoco CUX has a fast-charging battery that can be fully recharged in just three and a half hours. The perfect scooter for those who need to recharge their vehicle on the go quickly!

Speed and Travel range
The CUX reaches speeds of up to 45 km/h, perfect for urban roads. The VMoto model has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last for up to 75 km on a single charge, such as an impressive durability.

Multi-Function Push Button Panel
The pushbutton panel on the CUX makes it easy to change settings and control the scooter without having to take both hands off the handlebars and ensuring safety and reliability. 

Moped connectivity
The Supersoco models can also be turned into connected in a snap. The 2hire box makes connectivity possible in a few steps, helping you boost your micromobility sharing service faster than ever.

Our client e-motion using Supersoco CUX in Calabria

3) Sunra Robo-S

The Sunra Robo-S is an excellent 125cc option for an eco-friendly micromobility service.

Instrument Panel
The Robo-S has a digital instrument panel that provides information about the battery level, speed, and distance traveled. It also includes an eco-mode to help conserve energy while riding.

Sporty Full-LED Lights and
The scooter features a stylish full-LED headlight and taillight that provides excellent visibility while riding.

The 2hire box makes the control of the moped’s data and interactions reliable and in real-time, allowing the operator to have complete control over the vehicle, at all times.

Double SUNRA 72V and 20Ah Removable Batteries
Sunra Robo-S comes with two removable 72V and 20Ah batteries that provide a long range of travel. The batteries are located under the footrest for easy access.

Our Client Elerent using Sunra Robo-S in Lerici

4) Askoll eS2

Askoll ES2 is one of the core micromobility solutions made for the city, the two-seater scooter reaches a speed of 45km/h, ideal for compactness and agility.

Made in Italy product
The chassis design ensures the best protection against impact damage due to its high-quality materials, 100% made in Italy.

Rapid integration with telematics solutions
The company can integrate with the most suitable telematics solution via its CAN-BUS protocol, meaning 2hire is on hand to provide the ideal connectivity to your sharing service!

The Askoll eS2, part of 2hire garage

5) Segway e90L

The Segway E-Moped is designed for safe, reliable, and long travel sharing. Here are the features that make the e90L so great in micromobility:

Speed and Capacity
This two-passenger capacity moped reaches speeds up to 45 km/h, is perfect for city streets or highways, and has a maximum power of 1500 watts, ensuring people get where they need to go quickly and safely.

E-Lock and Helmet Detection
E-lock and helmet detection to ensure the scooter can’t be started without a key.

API connection
The e90L has built-in IoT technology to connect wirelessly with the Cloud, with the connection via the universal API layer provided by 2hire, the potential of the connected fleet can be exploited to the full.

Smart Dashboard
The Smart Dashboard on the Segway moped provides information about a ride and its safety; all displayed through a beautiful, customizable glow.

The Segway e90L, part of 2hire garage

Ebikes 🚲

E-bikes are the other top-of-the-range micromobility vehicles we are illustrating today.  These bicycles have an integrated electric motor that can power the bike or help with pedaling. 2hire top recommendations on this topic are:

1) OKAI EB100

OKAI EB100 is one of the most advanced e-bikes designed for sharing. The EB100 is a high-torque, heavy-duty electric bike that can handle any daily traffic challenge with ease.
With 500w max power and 250W rated levels (on the motor), as well as 47Nm net torque from its dual battery system, this e-bike will make it easy to commute while helping out those who need help.

Supercharged Quality Batteries for Everyday Usage
The EB100 has a range of 60 km on one charge and a maximum speed of 25 km/h, which is perfect for those who need their e-bike in tip-top shape.

It also sports high-quality batteries made with 39 Samsung cell cultures (50e), giving it 48 volts 15 Ah capacity. With swappable tech, it’s to cut down operational expenses while still getting reliable performance every time.

Built-In IOT
The built-in IoT is a game-changer for e-scooters and bikes. In-house engineers designed the patented 4th generation module to ensure clean integration of electronics inside frames. The integration between OKAI’s IoT and 2hire’s technology allows any operator to launch its micromobility sharing service smoothly and quickly.

This bike features GSM and BLE 4.1 for lock/unlock. It has an anti-theft feature that alerts if someone tampers or moves the bike.
And it also features Topple Alert, which detects when the bike topples over – allowing for instant retrieval of stolen goods.

Lightweight and Portable
Designed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to use by people on the move – this e-bike is great for daily use both indoors as well outdoor areas.

The OKAI EB100, part of 2hire garage

2) Vaimoo

Vaimoo is an e-bike that guarantees the strength and durability of components to provide a pleasant and comfortable driving experience.

Ultimate Flexibility and Control
The integration between the theft protection feature on the Vaimoo e-bike and its ability to park anywhere, thanks to a virtual frame, will allow riders to leave it anywhere close to designated stations or outside their drop zone at an additional charge.

Easy Integration
Vaimoo’s technology allows for easy integration with existing systems. With the 2hire software integration, every bike can be connected, controlled, and checked remotely, making it controllable flexibly.

The VAIMOO e-bike is an environmentally conscious micromobility product that features an aluminum frame and recycled parts.

Rechargeable Longer-lasting Batteries
With a 36V 11.6 Ah or 14Ah Li-ion bike that’s rechargeable from the station, this e-bike is perfect for cycling around town!

Our client Elettrify using Vaimoo e-bikes

3) Fifteen

Fifteen is an accurate option for your micromobility sharing project. Some of its top features include:

Fifteen’s electric bike with pedal assist is the perfect solution for long journeys. With up to 65 km of range, this sleek and stylish device can do multiple rides before needing a charge.

Extra Fast
The bike has no gears but can go up to 25 km/h. It is easy for new riders because the software ensures that pedal-assist kicks in right when it’s needed, seamlessly supporting them in all conditions – even those toughest inclines!

Shimano Disc Brakes for Safety
The ebike has powerful yet smooth front disc brakes that offer strong, reliable stopping power. Combined with the rear V-brake, this system provides quick and efficient stopping in any weather conditions.

Easy-Detach, Rechargeable Battery Pack
The Fifteen electric bike features a rechargeable battery pack that is easily removed and charged when necessary – or replaced with another unit for a longer range.

Ready for sharing
Fifteen ebikes can easily integrate with 2hire technology, the efficient option to empower your sharing service and have full control over your bike fleet!

Fifteen e-bike, part of 2hire garage

4) Segway Ebikes

Segway eBikes are lightweight and easy to operate. They’re perfect for sharing purposes. Some key features include:

Some numbers
Segway’s electric bikes can reach speeds up to 32 km/h and travel ranges of over 80 km on a single charge! This makes it perfect for longer trips or sharing with others.

Low Operational Costs
Ninebot E-Bike’s built-in batteries compatibility with the Max Pro and Plus scooters significantly lowers operational costs.

This bike can be remotely controlled and monitored by its operator thanks to the integration with 2hire. The turning point to get complete control over all your bikes.

The “one-size-fits-all” bike frame is a perfect option for anyone who wants to get on the road without worrying about their height. This model comes complete with an adjustable saddle, making it suitable for almost everyone, whether 5’1″ or 6’2”.

Our client Tino using segway e-bikes

Never-ending options with 2hire technology

Although choosing the right micromobility vehicle for a sharing service can be harsh, choosing the provider to rely on has never been easier!

The flexibility of 2hire’s technology allows it to adapt to any kind of vehicle, integrating with the major manufacturers of electric vehicles.

Still not convinced?

Drop us a message, let’s have a chat and we will help you launch and scale your sharing business from A to Z in a blink of an eye.

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