Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing - Top 5 Companies

21 Feb 2023    |    3 min read

P2P car sharing - How To?

Peer to car sharing has revolutionized the traditional car rental industry by connecting car owners with those in need of a vehicle for a short period of time. Instead of depending on a centralized rental company, P2P car sharing allows individuals to rent out their personal vehicles to others, providing a more convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly alternative.

In this article, we will explore five of the most popular P2P car sharing companies!


Turo - The largest P2P carsharing marketplace

Firstly, Turo is the largest P2P car sharing marketplace with the biggest community.

Based in San Francisco, it provides a platform for car owners to rent their vehicles. The service is available in over 7,500 cities across the US, Canada, France, and the UK. Additionally, the company offers more than 1,300 different makes and models.

Turo’s biggest strength lies in its huge community, and it places significant importance on its employees. Not by chance Turo’s president won the Gold The Stevie Awards for Great Employers in 2022.

GetAround - The San Francisco-based Peer to Peer company

Another key player in the peer to peer car sharing sector is GetAround.

The start-up launched “GetAround Connect”. It is a connected-car compatible service that allows renters to instantly book a car without waiting for approval from the owner. The service is extremely intuitive and user-friendly and renders the entire rental process much smoother.

Evidently , the company is constantly evolving, it reached several milestones at the end of 2022, such as :

GoMore - The Scandinavian P2P car sharing founded in Denmark

GoMore operates in several countries including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Germany. 

The peer-to-peer company  provides:

  • GoMore Keyless: The company offers its hosts the possibility to install their cars with keyless technology. In this way GoMore increases the number of requests and booking to them.
  • A specific insurance for peer-to-peer car rental thanks to the partnership with Tryg, one of the largest insurance companies in the Nordic region, specialized for P2P platforms. Tryg insurance provides full support to the renters, providing them 24/7 road assistance through a simple claim process.
  • The so-called Ridesharing, allows people to split the cost of a journey, making it a valuable option both for the environment and for money savings.

Snappcar - The Holland-based Peer to Peer car sharing platform

Snappcar is a peer to peer car sharing platform which operates in several countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK. The company is keeping up with the times offering updated services, such as keyless technology solutions for several types of cars.

The group is becoming increasingly present and this is demonstrated by the achievements of important results in the past 10 years:

Hiyacar - Peer to Peer car sharing in UK

Lastly, Hiyacar operates with over 100,000 members throughout the UK. The company offers quality service with peer to peer car sharing insurance and multiple layers of digital driver verification like facial recognition and liveness detection. 

The first to offer QuickStart Keyless technology, Hiyacar’s easy and safe way to share cars, alongside best-in-class member support.

Moreover, Hiyacar is the first peer to peer car sharing platform to offer a fully accredited car club (COMO UK) using owned cars from Toyota and other manufacturers.

The company believes very strongly in what it does and plans to continue to grow, not by chance Hiyacar’s vision claims: “To be present on every street in the UK and change the way people use cars forever”.

Summing up: 

P2P car sharing companies like Turo, GoMore, GetAround, SnappCar, and HiyaCar disrupted the traditional car rental industry by providing a more convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly alternative. Thanks to keyless solutions P2P car sharing is catching on and riding the fast lane of a new perception of mobility!

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