Car Subscription: the flexible solution for modern drivers

06 Jun 2023    |    2 min read

Car Subscription - What’s about?

In today’s fast-paced world, car ownership is evolving, with various forms and options of car rental available in the automotive market. Car sharing (including peer-to-peer), car rental, car leasing, and car subscription are all valuable options for drivers. In this article, we will focus on car subscription and explore its concept and benefits.

Car subscription basics

A car subscription is a business model where a customer accesses to a  car for a recurring fee and for a fixed period. Unlike traditional rental and leasing services, it offers greater flexibility. Not by chance subscribers can switch to a different car whenever their needs change. 

Subscribers can choose from a wide range of cars, from city cars to luxury cars, depending on their requirements. The service offers an all-inclusive package that covers maintenance, insurance and  roadside assistance. The all-in formula makes the subscription an attractive option for drivers.

Car subscription benefits

car subscription
  • Cost saving –  Subscribers pay a monthly fee that covers all the associated costs. Normally, buying or leasing a car requires a large sum of money, either upfront or over a long period of time. The monthly fee includes the costs referred to the several additional services we’ve mentioned above.
  • Flexibility – Car subscription services provide a hassle-free experience for drivers. They have only to sign up  online or through a mobile app. Once the appointment is scheduled, the car is ready for pickup.
  • Additional services provided – Due to the fact that subscription packages include maintenance and insurance, subscribers are less burdened by administration. Compared with classic rentals, this is a huge advantage, saving the user from paying high sums for maintenance and repairs.
  • Switching cars –  Car subscriptions often offer the flexibility to swap cars usually after a minimum period of time set by the referring company.
  • Flexible term-commitment – Users are able to cancel their subscriptions at any time or at the end of the current billing period. Essentially, this is the major difference between leasing and this car ownership model.
  • Sustainability – Car subscription services often provide access to electric and hybrid cars. Some of the companies that offer this innovative service, such as Vibe Moves You, are even constituted only by e-cars. In this way the company promotes  sustainable transportation options.

Summing up

This innovative type of car ownership offers a modern and flexible solution for drivers who need the benefits of car ownership but without the long-term commitment. Thanks to all the advantages, people are reshaping the way they think about personal transportation, especially for millennials and members of Gen Z

Volvo (with  Care by Volvo) , Facedrive, ViveLaCar, SIXT (with SIXT + Car Subscription) and many others are beginning to appreciate the value of this new form of ownership. From OEM’s to car rentals, from new mobility startups to tech players.

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