Build your mobility service, whatever vehicle you have.

Sharing, rentals, on-demand services. Build around-vehicles applications with our powerful APIs.

Services built with 2hire's APIs

One interface for all kinds of connected vehicles

One shot integration

At 2hire we work to let you develop incredible services and shape the future of mobility. We give you a single API to get all the information you need on a vehicle, from location to state of charge, odometer, interactions with it. Just name it.

From developers, for developers

Forget about never ending integrations. Here’s everything your Dev Team needs to quickly get on board and start to have fun!

Run your tests

A ready-to-use test ambient to explore the potentialities of your software powered by our APIs. Give your use cases a shape, interact with vehicles and get their data.

The easiest integration APIs



End to End test

Integrate vehicles

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