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10 Feb 2023    |    3 min read

Keyless Car Rentals - An outlook

Keyless Rental is a new technology that enables users to rent a vehicle, pay for it, and lock/unlock the vehicle through their smartphones without physical interaction. This technology is revolutionizing the car rental industry and is rapidly growing with an expected user base of 63.4 million by 2027

Although the market is not yet saturated, big and medium fleet-size operators are shifting towards contactless rentals for easier fleet management and to keep up with the times.

Here you can find the five coolest contactless car rentals in the international scenario: SIXT, Hertz, Ada Location, Green Motion, and Ufo Drive.

Contactless car rentals
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SIXT is a German company founded in 1912 that operates across 105 countries worldwide. The company has more than 2,200 car rental stations and a fleet of over 220,000 vehicles. The company recorded its best quarter in 2021, with a 21.4% increase in revenue and a 94.8% increase in profits compared to the pre-Covid year 2019. 

Sixt shows its commitment to the digitalization of the car rental process through the introduction of the SIXT APP.

The app makes the pick-up much faster thanks to the keyless car rental entry. Moreover, it gives the possibility to choose a vehicle 30 minutes before the rental starts.

SIXT Fastlane is another service provided by the company that further speeds up the car rental process. Choose the vehicle via the app, go to the car, open it via the app, and just enjoy the ride.

Hertz, founded in 1918, is one of the largest car rental companies in the world. 

The company has always been innovative and has launched Hertz 24/7, a service that simplifies the car rental process: no keys, paperwork, or hassle. 

Users can :

  • Book a vehicle through the website or mobile app
  • Select the desired model
  • Receive a code to unlock the vehicle a few minutes before the reservation.

The vehicle is then returned by leaving the keys inside the vehicle.

Founded in 1986, Ada Location is a French car rental company with over 1100 rental agencies spread throughout the country

Ada Location provides a fully digital car rental experience through the Ada application. 

Users can unlock the car and finalize the car rental contract with the departure inventory through Bluetooth communication with the vehicle. Through the app, customers start the engine of the car. The drop off of the vehicle can happen at flexible hours, with no need to pass through any front office.

Green Motion, established in 2007 in the UK, is an eco-friendly car rental company that offers a range of hybrid and electric vehicles for rent. 

The company has embraced technology to offer a keyless rental process using a virtual key that allows users to unlock and start the car without physical interaction. 

Green Motion provides various features and services to make the rental experience smooth and convenient, such as : 24/7 customer support, flexible car rental options, and the ability to rent a car at multiple locations across the world.

Ufo Drive is a car rental company based in San Francisco that aims to provide the world’s fastest and easiest car rental experience while reducing paperwork, queues, fuel, and emissions for its users. 

The service is available 24/7 in several city and airport locations across 8 European countries and has already saved 487,000 liters of fuel

The keyless rental process allows users to book through a mobile app and access the car immediately through keyless technology. Another core of Ufo Drive’s business is its commitment to the environment, Aidan McLean – Ufo Drive’s founder – told TechCrunch: 

“One of our biggest concerns, when we started UFODrive, was making people comfortable using an EV and minimizing or removing anxiety throughout the car rental — not just at pick-up.”

The keyless rental industry is certainly making waves within the vehicle car rental industry itself. With added features like keyless pick-up and drop-off, GPS tracking, and comprehensive insurance. Keyless rentals are proving to be much more than your average car rental service. 

Keyless technology will certainly play a major role in the way we interact with cars in the future, and these car rental companies are proof this wave is becoming stronger.

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